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Click here to read an article about my song protesting a proposed project to build a fake island off the coast of Bali.  The project would be environmentally destructive and hurt the local fishing economy.

Click here to read more about the fight against the project and to sign a petition.

This is a protest song against the proposed land reclamation project in Benoa Bay, Bali. A manipulation of power, the project will only create abrasion, destroy marine ecosystems, and hurt the local economy. It's time to stop the abuse of power, it's time to stop selling ourselves. Having a future with a healthy earth and prosperity for our children and grandchildren is in our hands.To sign a petition against land reclamation click here.

Indo-Philly Jam - Menolak Reklamasi

Turbulence Music Video

Thank you to the amazingly talented Cleise Vidal for creating the animation for the video